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The breed's spike in popularity led to what many hope is temporary damage to the Rottweiler's reputation, temperament, and genetic health. Unethical breeders took advantage of the surge in popularity to charge exorbitant sums for indiscriminately bred puppies. These puppies often lacked the Rottweiler's once famous stable and sweet temperanment and were more likely to suffer from hereditary diseases, such as heart problems and hip dysplasia. To meet market demand, people began breeding Rottweilers strictly for PROFIT, rather than out of love for the breed and responsible concern for temperament and poorly placement for the puppies. But these irresponsible breeders have woefully underestimated the smarts, determination and persisitence of ethical Rottweiler breeders and the breed's fan club.They fought this situation at every oppurtunity, worrying at the problem and clearly voicing their disapproval. Some devoted fans have even gone so far as to discontinue their breeding programs to avoid contributing to the flood of puppies on the market. Friends of the Rottweiler are thrilled that their breed has fallen from the spot light of intense adulation to a more reasonable place in the public's affections.
Above it all, the Rottweiler specializes in beating the odds--it is the dog world's survivor. It is a noble, gentle, and loyal companion for the world to see.


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